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Huafeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Huafeng Group Holding, with registered capital exceeding 4.6 billion yuan. The company adheres to the three development strategies of "strengthening the main industry, moderate diversification, combination of industry and finance", and always focuses on the R&D, production and sales of products such as Spandex, polyurethane raw liquid and adipic acid. It is the leading enterprise in the global polyurethane product materials industry.


Hua Feng Chemistry

[1] The project outlines that the project is an old ground renovation project with epoxy floor and newly poured concrete floor as the original foundation ground. Among them, the visiting passageway has been epoxy floor paint for many times. The base is complex, some areas are damaged, the ground subsides is large, and some parts are obviously sunken. In addition, the AGV trolley's transport channel also has the requirement of wear-resistant bearing on the ground.

A week ago, I received a task to carry out ground modification of the main channel in order to provide a clean and beautiful enterprise environment for the leaders to visit Huafeng. The duration itself is short, according to the original epoxy paint, base, medium and finish, a set of procedures for more than 10 days, and the emission of irritating odors also takes a while.

In addition, as the main channel, we want to minimize the impact on production, and have higher requirements on aesthetics, environmental protection, load and friction resistance.

[2] Product Program



Product characteristics:

A. Dual fibre structure

The double reinforcement materials of glass fibre and polyester fibre enhance the mechanical properties such as tensile strength and compressive strength, and have a strong overall and comprehensive performance.

B. Scratch resistance, abrasion resistance

Through the unique wear-resistant functional layer on the surface, to achieve scratch resistance, high wear resistance, wear resistance can reach 750g 500r under the experimental instruments, loss is about 0.01g.

C. Non-flammability

After no fire detection, they pass the test and get related test reports.

D, High Durability

Thermosetting materials are used. Due to the densification and stability of materials that cannot be repeated in one process, they are naturally superior in oxidation, ozone and erosion resistance, which makes the materials less affected by the environment and the durability is much longer than that of conventional organic materials.

E. Easy to clean

The stability and high density of the material itself make it difficult for other contaminants to penetrate into the pore of the material, causing permanent contamination of the material. Specialized material surface layers for graphite, NMP and other highly contaminated and permeable materials have also been developed.

F, shock and noise reduction

The material is mainly organic, and reduces the rigidity of the material through additives and multi-layer structure, and makes the material itself elastic, so as to form a certain rebound buffer when other materials contact the roll, which can reduce the vibration and noise.

G. Green Environmental Protection

The material is SGS certified and has its own formaldehyde and heavy metal content detection report.

[3] Project Plan 

1, Base ground treatment (uneven thickness, no compression, wear and tear cracks of the original ground epoxy paint.)


2. Technical treatment at joints and corners. Seamless stitching technology is used to achieve local construction and reduce the impact of construction on shop work.


3. Grab the duration, make it faster and better, and time is the benefit! Hong Kong Stream industrial rolls are finished products, which are directly paved on the spot. A team can be completed over 800_/day in large area, can walk 8 hours after paving, and can load after 24 hours.

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