Project Case|Wuhan China Aviation Lithium-Ion Power-Six Key Requirements Targeted Deep Cultivation Q

China Innovation Aeronautical Wuhan Base Project is the first large new energy power battery and storage battery manufacturing project in Wuhan. Located in Wuhan Jingkai District, with a total investm

Project Case | Hua Feng Chemistry - Renovation of Old Ground, Racing against Time to Create a Better

Huafeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Huafeng Group Holding, with registered capital exceeding 4.6 billion yuan. The company adheres to the three development strategies of "streng

Port Flow Case | Weifeng Power - One Inch, One Ingeniousness

Weifeng Power Project is constructed according to the standard of "three high, one low and three modernizations". It adopts international advanced lithium ion battery preparation technology

Port Flow Case | Xiamen AVIC Lithium Battery Phase III Project - helping enterprises develop in a gr

Xiamen AVIC Lithium Battery Phase III Project is a highly intelligent, green and environment-friendly advanced battery and power system benchmark industrial base built according to industry-leading st

Gangliu Technology has won many honors, demonstrating the brand image of the industrial floor!

From September 26 to 27, in order to further promote the development of the flooring industry, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the industry, and strengthen the exchange and cooperation