Gangliu Technology was launched on the market and is committed to becoming a benchmark in the field of industrial flooring


Recently, Zhejiang Gangliu Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gangliu Technology), an industrial floor manufacturer, held the launching ceremony for its listing in Hangzhou. This means that the enterprise has entered a new stage of development.

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At present, the function of industrial floor has changed from simple decoration to an important factor affecting production. In particular, the battery, electroplating, chemical, machinery, medicine and other industries put forward high requirements for the performance of industrial floors.

As the world's first manufacturing enterprise of dual fiber polymer industrial coiled material flooring, Gangliu Technology is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, sales, installation and service of new polymer industrial flooring materials. The dual fiber polymer industrial coiled material floor independently developed by Gangliu Technology has changed the traditional on-site coating method of industrial floor, solved the pain points such as long construction cycle and unstable performance, and has the competitive advantages of environmental protection, durability, convenient pavement, function customization, and high cost performance. Because of these "unique skills", Gangliu Technology has established cooperation with more than 1200 units and become a supplier of Ningde Times, BYD, AVIC Lithium, Xinwangda, Huawei, BOE and other enterprises.

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"We have always put scientific research and development and industrial innovation in a strategic position." Zhang Chaoseth, chairman of Gangliu Technology, said, "At present, the enterprise has 17 patents for independent research and development, 42 patents for utility models, 12 customized products and full chain products, and can produce 6 million square meters of dual fiber polymer industrial coiled material flooring every year. The Gangliu New Material R&D Center, located by the Qingshan Lake in Hangzhou, is an important breakthrough for us to build an industrial terrace highland and create first-class R&D, and also a platform for the production of innovative achievements and the gathering of innovative talents in the terrace industry. "

What is more noteworthy is that many scientific research projects of the enterprise, such as anti graphite products and anti N-methylpyrrolidone products, have broken through the barrier that flexible coiled materials cannot achieve Class A fire protection. Therefore, the enterprise was awarded "Industrial Floor Industry Innovation Center" by China Building Decoration Materials Association.

At the launching ceremony, Zhang Chaoset reported the development of the company in recent years, and said that he would go all out to promote the listing work, continue to be driven by scientific and technological innovation, and take "leading the industrial floor into the era of green and environment-friendly pavement, science and technology, and customization" as his vision and mission, to create value for customers and create a happy life for employees.

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"Bamboo has only grown by 3cm in four years, but it can grow to 15m in six weeks after breaking the ground. The overwhelming momentum comes from taking deep roots." He said that the road to entrepreneurship is to adhere to the road. Facing the new journey, he and his team will not forget their original intention, do a good job in products and enterprises, maintain concentration and focus, and strive to achieve perfection in the subdivision field, so as to promote Gangliu Technology to become a benchmark enterprise in the field of coiled material flooring in the domestic polymer industry.

On the same day, the awarding ceremony of the "Industrial Floor Innovation Center", the awarding ceremony of the main drafting unit of the "Industrial Epoxy Coil Flooring" standard, the signing ceremony of technical research and development cooperation, the signing ceremony of financial cooperation and the signing ceremony of strategic investment were also held on the site. Ma Jin, Director of Convention and Exhibition Department of China Building Decoration Materials Association and Secretary General of Resilient Flooring Branch, Zhang Xinghong, Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering Department of Zhejiang University, and Huang Yuelong, Doctor of Yonghua Investment, delivered speeches at the scene. Guests from investment institutions, securities firms, finance, law firms and client friends attended the launching ceremony of the listing of Hong Kong Streamstream Technology to work together to create a bright future.

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