Negative Oxygen Ion EPF released


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EPF-Negative Oxygen Ions 


1.Air Purification: Purify the air from particles, dust, and other impurities, eliminates odors, and kill various bacterias and viruses.

2.Excellent Density: Epoxy resin with long lifespan and high cross-linking density.

3.Tensile Strength: Double fiber structure,enhance tensile resistance and reduce the likelihood of cracking.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Degrades volatile gases, free of formaldehyde and heavy metal.

Application Range: 

Widely used in hospitals, Rehabilitation Medical Center, cleanrooms, schools, laboratories, and other places where air purification is needed.


Release negative oxygen ions to increase oxygen absorption,purify the air and eliminate micro dust, odors, and fumes,Decompose harmful gases and effectively decompose formaldehyde, Actively sterilize and reduce the survival ability of bacterias.Improve air quality and enhance disease resistance.