scientific research institution

Coil flooring products can be selected according to the type of scientific research, or targeted R&D and production can be carried out.

The Solution

Provides customization services for product functions and application scenarios.

EPF double fiber antibacterial coiled material floor

Antibacterial, waterproof and stain resistant, meeting the requirements of GMP certification, lasting and stable

EPF double fiber NMP roll flooring

Good corrosion resistance to NMP reagent, waterproof and stain resistant, high surface hardness

EPF double fiber anti-corrosion coiled material floor

It is resistant to acid, alkali, alcohol and other chemical reagents, waterproof and stain resistant, impermeable, and can be customized

EPF double fiber anti graphite coiled material floor

Non adsorption, impermeable graphite powder, good compactness, high product surface hardness

EPF double fiber anti-static coiled material floor

Permanent anti-static, non attenuation resistance, 106-109 Ω surface resistance, ultra-high abrasion resistance, customizable anti-static coefficient

EPF double fiber electrostatic conductive coiled material floor

Permanent static conductivity, non attenuation of resistance, 104-106 Ω of product surface resistance, ultra-high wear resistance, customizable static conductiv...

EPF double fiber high wear-resistant coiled material floor

Strong pressure and wear resistance, can carry more than 20 tons, no ignition during friction, vibration reduction and noise reduction

EPF double fiber AGV car special coiled material floor

High flatness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, strong tensile strength and convenient repair

EPF double fiber epoxy coiled material floor

Strong tensile elongation, good compactness, superior physical and chemical properties, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal content

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